The Midea refrigerator HD-113F with 88 litres capacity and double door design is an attractive small-sized refrigerator because it offers a lot of convenience features. At 88 litre cubic capacity, it does more than small bedroom fridges can do for you, yet it’s in no way bogus and can fit into small spaces. This midea refrigerator is designed not only to provide two doors for convenient access to its different chambers, it also has compartments for the various items you would want to store.

Storage options
The Midea HD-113F has adjustable wire shelves, tall bottle storage and can dispenser that provide storage options for easy arrangement of different items. With this, it’s quite easy to access whatever is required.

More Convenience features
The Midea HD-113F is full-featured, its relatively small size notwithstanding. You get adjustable interior thermostat, separate freezer compartment, adjustable legs for leveling and height flexibility to enhance your convenient use of this fridge.

It offers quiet operation, so it’s okay for the room.


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